Talk to a doctor about ways
to reduce your double chin.


If you've been considering treatment for your double chin, it’s important to be knowledgeable about your options. Information evenings are a great way to cover the basics, ask questions and view ‘before and afters’ from a particular clinic, while a personal consultation with a doctor will provide specific recommendations for you. Registered nurses are also often well informed and helpful.


There are many things to consider as you explore clinic options, for example, what type of double chin-reducing treatments they provide, whether you would prefer a male or a female doctor and whether you like the results of their previous work.

Ensure you ‘shop around’ to find the right fit for you, i.e. a treatment recommendation you’re comfortable with, offered by a registered, appropriately trained healthcare professional, at a price you know in advance and can afford, with the level of care you deserve.

Remember to ask if the treating doctor has had the specialist training required for the option they’re recommending.


  1. The qualifications and experience of the consulting doctor
  2. The level of customisation involved in any treatment and the expected outcome (double chin treatment should be tailored to your anatomy and circumstances)
  3. The quality of the facility where the procedures will be performed
  4. Any side effects and expected downtime
  5. The level of ‘after care’ that is offered by the clinic
  6. How comfortable you feel with the consulting doctor and other staff
  7. The total cost and duration of the proposed double chin treatment.


You may be focused only on your double chin, or you may want to know more about other possible enhancements at the same appointment. Either way, your doctor should take plenty of time to come up with a recommendation for a personalised treatment plan.

Don’t be surprised if they take a few photos to use as tools to point out your unique face structure and to help track treatment results. Always ensure your permission is obtained if they intend to share your images as ‘before and afters’ with other patients in future; you don’t have to agree unless you want to, and you can withdraw your permission at any time.

If you decide you want to go ahead with a non-surgical double-chin treatment, and you understand the plan for you and the procedure, they may give you your first treatment then and there, or schedule the first treatment for a time that suits you. Ask about possible side effects and likely downtime, as you will need to factor these in when making your appointments.

If you opt for surgery, it’s a different story: the clinic will either book you in or refer you to another healthcare professional who specialises in cosmetic surgery, if they do not have qualified personnel on their own staff.

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