Talk to a doctor about ways
to reduce your double chin.


Why do I have a double chin, even though I’m not overweight / have lost weight?

Three main factors contribute to a double chin: age, genetics or weight gain. Unfortunately, fullness under the chin area is often resistant to diet and exercise, so other factors may be at play. Medical treatments can be an option, particularly if exercise and healthy eating aren’t making a difference.

What are the main ways to treat a double chin?

There are currently four main treatment options to tackle unwanted fat under the chin and improve your chin profile; two are surgical, hence invasive, (liposuction and neck lift) and the other two are non-surgical and therefore less invasive (double-chin reducing injections and fat-freezing technology). Different treatments will be appropriate for different people – talking to a doctor is the best way to find out what one is right for you and to ensure any prescribed treatment is individualised for your unique facial anatomy and circumstances.

How do the fat-freezing technology and double chin-reducing injections differ?

Both treatments destroy fat cells but in different ways. Fat-freezing technology (or ‘cryolipolysis’) uses controlled cooling to ‘freeze’ cold-susceptible fat cells so they form crystals and then die, while double-chin-reducing injections target and break down fat cells so that they can no longer store fat.

What are the costs of various double chin treatments?

Costs will vary depending on the type of treatment and between clinics - so it’s worth asking about this in your consultation. Bear in mind that price should be weighed against other important considerations such as the qualifications and experience of the doctor, how comfortable you feel with the clinic overall, and the level of care provided.

In general, surgical interventions have a higher cost than non-surgical options. Whatever you choose, make sure you fully understand any proposed payment program before you commit to treatment.

Is there any downtime?

Because the treatments available are quite different, side effects and recovery times vary. Individuals will also react differently to treatment so talk to your doctor about what to expect. The non-surgical methods ideally should have less downtime than surgery. Your doctor will provide detailed instructions for post-operative care if you choose a surgical route.

How quickly will I see results?

This is dependent on the treatment you choose. Double chin-reducing injections show visible results for many patients after two to four treatments, with some requiring up to six treatments to achieve their best results. Results from fat-freezing technology are most apparent two to three months after the treatment, as the body continues to flush out treated fat cells. With the surgical options, results are visible as healing progresses and swelling abates, which can take a number of weeks.

How will I know which double chin treatment is right for me?

That’s a decision that needs to be made by you and a doctor who specialises in improving chin profiles. His/her recommendation will be based on your unique situation, factoring in your age, anatomy, preferences and desired outcome, along with the amount of fat present under the chin.